A casual shoot

Welcome to the new year! The project that I am working on is finally drawing to a close. Have been shooting a bit as well. Nick, a good bouldering friend of mine had asked me to shoot his registration of marriage about a month back and I was only too happy to oblige. Haven’t been shooting much before that and it felt good to pull the camera out again.

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Dark portraits

I seriously have no idea where this entire year has gone. It seems like only yesterday that it was January and now November is upon us! Lots of stuff has been happening and for the most part, it was to do with work, work and more work. I’ve also for some reason gone back to school to get certified as a personal trainer. Complete departure from my entire working life, I know, but I felt like it was just something I had to do. One thing that I still am doing is shooting pictures, but have not had the time to actually blog about stuff that I have shot. Maybe I didn’t feel like they were blog-worthy, but I did do a shoot a couple of weeks back that I think I should blog about.

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Amazing Grampians outing

It has been a while since I last shot anything, primarily due my current workload. I finally had the time to go away for a climbing trip to the Grampians over the weekend, so along came the camera. My friend Steve had also brought his camera along. I usually don’t pack my speedlights along for these outings, but for some strange reason I had my SB-900 with me this time. Funnily enough, Steve had also brought his spanking new SB-700 with him. Couldn’t resist some strobing action then! Didn’t actually do any shooting on the first day because we were all so psyched to just go out and climb.

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Long overdue post

It certainly has been quite awhile since I posted something up. It’s not like I’ve not been shooting, but I’ve just been so busy with work that I have not had enough time to really go through and edit my photos and come up with a selection that I have been happy with.I have been working with Meah from Travel Art Dance Company with dancer profile photos as well as some design work for the company’s upcoming performance in October. More on that when we get closer to the date.

This latest batch is from a shoot I did yesterday in a bid to get more profile pictures for some of the new dancers. We were not able to get a rehearsal session at the Dance House which I liked. The reason why I liked the Dance House was because I can shroud every wall around the space with black curtains so that my strobes only light the dancers. This was perfect for profile pictures as only the dancers would be the highlight of the images while everything else fades into black. The floor at the Dance House also gave great rippling reflections. We did yesterday’s shoot back at the place where I first shot for Travel Art. Massive windows proved to be a headache because of the immense amount of light flooding into the space. The space is also quite large and proved to be a little too big for my strobes.

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